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IV sedation

IV sedation

Conscious IV sedation is an anaesthetic and pain-blocking method that’s commonly used in dental procedures. We’ve used this technique to administer countless procedures here at Smile solutions and the safety and efficacy of IV sedation is well-documented. It’s a method which combines pain-blocking with minimal recovery time, allowing the patient to get on with their day once the effects of the sedative have worn off.

Conscious sedation is preferable for a number of reasons, including the fact that it can be administered right here in one of our state-of-the-art treatment rooms. The patient will stay awake during the ensuing procedure, but may not be able to speak due to the numbing effects of the anaesthetic. The effects of this anaesthetic won’t last for long, but provide enough time for our dental team to get to work and complete the procedure, whether it be wisdom tooth removal or some other form of treatment.

Conscious IV sedation can provide a very relaxing and much happier dental experience. Midazolam is administered through an intravenous line (an IV) and you’ll quickly begin to feel drowsy and relaxed and may fall asleep. More commonly though, you’ll remain aware of other people in the room and may be able to respond to questions.

Before booking you in for a procedure which requires conscious IV sedation, our dental team will ask questions about your medical history to ascertain that it is safe to administer the anaesthetic. They will also issue instructions on steps you should take on the day of the procedure and in its aftermath to maximise recovery.

How will I feel?

IV sedation induces a sleepy state of deep relaxation. You will be aware of what’s going on but will not be perturbed or discomforted by it. Afterwards, you may not remember much about your treatment at all.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is completely safe. Here at Smile solutions, you will be looked after by a highly experienced team who will be attentive to your welfare throughout.

What if I’m nervous?

It’s not unusual to feel nervous ahead of a dental procedure. Speak to our friendly staff on the phone or email your concerns to us. You will be treated as an individual and we’ll take care to listen to and understand your particular concerns.

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