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Can braces really be invisible

Can braces really be invisible

Invisible braces is a term used to describe a range of less obvious braces. This includes braces such as clear fixed braces (ceramic braces), aligners (such as Invisalign or our own Smile Solutions aligners) and lingual braces (braces at the back of the teeth). These three options provide a great choice for a patient who wishes to be more discreet whilst going through orthodontic treatment.

Ceramic fixed braces are placed on the front of the teeth but instead of being metal, they are white tooth coloured making them less obvious to the eye.

Invisalign or clear aligners are made of clear plastic which blend in with your teeth. Although Invisalign are clear, they are still noticeable up close. Many times orthodontists will need to put a thing called attachments onto the teeth. These are little tooth coloured grooves which are added to certain parts of the teeth. These attachments help the aligners guide your teeth into place. These attachments make it slightly more obvious that you are wearing Invisalign.

Lingual braces are completely hidden behind your teeth, so they’re practically invisible to the vast majority of people. They are extremely precise and allow the teeth to be positioned into the desired position. Lingual braces are unique and custom made to each person. Lingual braces are a great treatment option for anyone who does not want to sacrifice their appearance or risk compromising your professional image. Most orthodontic clinics do not offer lingual braces as it requires extensive training and experience to be able to work with them. We are thrilled that Dr. Paul Murphy is able to offer this service to his patients.

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