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How do braces move teeth?

How do braces move teeth?

Whether you have braces on already or you’re thinking about getting braces, we are sure you’ve wondered how braces actually work!

Braces are made up of a number of different parts. The important ones to note are;


Brackets - These are the metal or ceramic squares that are glued onto your teeth and will stay there throughout your treatment.

Archwires - These are thin, rod-like metal wires. The arch wire is tied to all of the brackets snd creates force to move teeth into proper alignment.

Ligatures - The archwire is held into each bracket with a ligature which can either be a tiny elastic or a tiny twisted wire.


These parts work together to exert constant pressure on the teeth. It’s this pressure that will gradually move them into their desired position during the course of treatment.

‘Moving the tooth through bone Teeth are connected to the bone by tiny ligaments that allow for slight movement in the teeth. Acting as small shock absorbers, these ligaments allow for when you accidentally bite down too hard by sending a signal to your brain. As pressure is applied by your braces to a tooth, the body will aid that tooth in repositioning in the bone. This process is what allows your teeth to relocate into the desired positions.

‘The brackets and archwires provide the necessary force and pressure needed for positive tooth movement. Archwires are usually made of materials that are activated by body heat to increase the level of stiffness, even as they struggle to retain their normal shape.

The wire used, wants to stay straight. When placed on your teeth, it is activated by the heat of your mouth and becomes stiff. This, along with the brackets completes the transmission of forces.

Braces are great! You can achieve an amazing smile with just a little time and effort, and knowing more about how braces move teeth can help you in the process. Remember, listen to your orthodontist, don’t skip appointments and be patient. All of your hard work is about to pay off, and you’ll be on your way to your dream smile.